• Underwriter’s laboratory is a preeminent nationally recognized test lab. The United States. We can support you in obtaining UL listing for your products. With hundreds of products on the market UL listing is required for your … More

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  • Increase Supplier Profitability by: reducing product development cost and cycle time increasing reliability allowing focus on unique value-added features enhancing market penetration/ensuring product acceptance … More

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  • NFPA, the National Fire Protection Association for the USA provides many standards for the design of electrical, flammable materials, ventilation, building systems and equipment. These standards are the basis of safety for … More

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  • We can help you with your product safety needs, CE marking for the following new product development, electronic products, medical equipment design, clean energy, semiconductor tools and equipment, material handling … More

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Registration and Approval

Full Capability for all SEMI, CE, UL Testing Electrical Testing Lab set up with up to 200 amps 240 volts Temperature Testing Full Lab for RF / EMC / EMI / Signal Condition and … [Read More...]

Capital Equipment Design

We have in depth experience and expertise in the following areas: Clean Energy Clean Tech Clean Technology High Tech Semiconductor Equipment Nanotechnology Equipment LED and Flat Screen Equipment Electronic Equipment Medical Equipment and Products Medical Test Equipment Electrical Medical Products Medical Device Manufacturing Equipment Solar Energy Products Solar Energy Mfg Solar Energy Test Equipment Process Safety Manufacturing Equipment Safety Conformity Assessment Capital Equipment Manufacturing Equipment Medical Equipment Measurement and Metrology Solar Power Generation Heating Equipment Furnaces IT Equipment Semiconductor Manufacturing High Energy Implanters EMC / EMI Assessment Trucks and Vehicles Complex and / or Hazardous Equipment Hazardous Materials Safety Laser Products and Laser Safety UV, IR and LED Radiation Radiation X-ray Oil field and Oil Well Technology Trucks and Vehicles Approval for Europe Material Handling Equipment Robotics Inspection Equipment Metrology Equipment Capital Equipment and Electrical Power Design Design and Conformity Requirements Main Power Distribution Interlocks EMOs Enclosures Ventilation Hazardous Gases Toxic Materials Lasers Seismic Bracing RF Energy Infrared and Induction heating Global Acceptance Test Equipment Measurement Equipment

Product Safety

Versus and Comparisons The best product certification companies and the best product certification labs; Each year, we at High Tech Design Safety meet with well over 100 equipment and product … [Read More...]

Conformity Assessment

High Tech Design Safety, Inc. provides Product Safety Evaluation, Product Certification, Product and Equipment Conformity Design, and Product Safety Systems. We provide product safety conformance to SEMI S2, CE Marking, and NFPA for Industrial Equipment, Capital Equipment, Commercial, and Consumer Products. High Tech Design Safety, Inc. provides process, facility, and manufacturing equipment safety, evaluations, audits, and design reviews. Since 1987 our Principals have provided Safety and Product Safety Conformity evaluations and certifications. We have provided complete approvals, listings and evaluations. • Product Safety Services for New Product Development, • Product Safety, CE Marking and UL Approvals for Electronic Products, • Product Safety and UL Approvals for Medical Equipment Design, • Product Safety, CE Marking and UL Approvals for Clean Energy Industry, • Product Safety, SEMI S2, SEMI S8 CE Marking and UL Approvals for Semiconductor Tools and Equipment, • Explosion Proof Design and installation evaluations, • Product Safety, CE Marking and UL Approvals for Material Handling Equipment, • Product Safety, CE Marking and UL Approvals for consumer products, • Product Safety, CE Marking and UL Approvals for Information Technology equipment, • Product Safety, CE Marking and UL Approvals for Electrical Systems and Industrial Controls, • Project Management Consulting for Product Safety, CE Marking and UL Approvals, CE Marking, CE Approvals, IEC Evaluation and Testing, Low Voltage Directive, Machinery Directive SEMI S2, SEMI S8, SEMI F15 SEMI S6, SEMI S2-0712a, SEMI Standards, UL Listing, UL Certification, Ul Field Labeling, UL 60950, Standards Interpretation, Electrical Codes, NFPA 79 Certification, NFPA Evaluations, Electrical Design, Electrical Power, NFPA 497 Classified Areas

Semiconductor Equipment

Are you looking for solutions to get your equipment to market? If so, then this video is for you.  Principal/CEO, Steve Barcik Amstel presents an introduction to Equipment Compliance and Conformity to … [Read More...]

Codes & Facilities

Operations and Facility, Building Codes, Fire Codes, Life Safety Codes, Seismic Protection, Ventilation and Exhaust, Scrubbers and Air Abatement, Electrical Codes, Electrical Safety Training, Chemical Waste Reduction, Water Conservation, Electrical Energy Conservation, New Equipment Acceptance and Install, Site Auditing, Process review and safety audits, Legacy Equipment Review and Refurbishment, In House Equipment Design, Custom Equipment review and audits, Failure modes determination and correction, Exposure control, Hazardous Material handling and control, Site Design and Review, Product Development; Electrical Design, Interlocks, EMOs, Emergency Off and safety systems. Customer safety requirements and associated Field Labeling Approvals. Customer specific safety evaluations and audits, and system approvals are our specialty. We are a product safety third party testing and consulting firm. We are a process and facility safety and compliance consulting firm. We provide in depth, rapid and accurate testing and evaluation for CE Marking, SEMI S2, NFPA and other USA and global standards. Compliance services for high tech equipment, high hazard equipment for the semiconductor, clean tech, solar, medical, consumer product and related fields are our specialty. We take pride in providing exceptional value to our clients. Our accomplishments and qualifications come to you with the close attention and rapid resolution.